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Such an old story

painted like a picture

shwing shwing
Welcome to my personal livejournal. My little space in the web where I write about my life and anything that comes to my mind. Wanna know something about my person?! Okay, let's go! I think I'm a quite normal 21-year-old girl from the capital of Germany. My parents called me Melanie and this happily is my only name. I live together with an almost 5-year-old guinea pig called FUNKY (R.i.P.), my two younger brothers and my mum. I can't live without music and love going to concerts of my favorite bands and singers. I can't dance, but at concerts I'm like a total different person and rock my ass off.. haha.. I also like watching tv shows, but I sadly have a thing for 'cancelled-after-1-or-2-seasons-shows' like Moonlight, Pushing Daisies or Wonderfalls.